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My name is Samuel Iyinbo and I am the MD/CEO of Illumination Enterprises, the founder of Internet Business Academy and the Illumination E-learning Centre. 

I started my quest of making money online in the year 2003, after I enrolled into the

School of Hardknocks 

(I left Medical School to start off  my quest to become an Entrepreneur in this blessed land called Nigeria, a land blessed with boundless  opportunities, a land flowing with Milk and Honey. Just be prepared to roll up your sleeves to wade through the “Murky Waters” to get your own “Acres of Diamonds”.)

Entrepreneurs in Nigeria know what I mean.  

It could be very challenging, yet rewarding doing business in Nigeria but you just have to be prepared to put in work.

Hmm, no wander, Nigerians tend to excel in other societies that are more developed  😀 


Anyway, I started designing websites since 2003  and I have been fortunate to have been engaged with over 60 clients. I have also delved into internet marketing, selling information products online and engaged in several MLM businesses.

I remember my first website, it was for a family friend, a University Professor

With that, I targeted my real first client, an Arts Gallery. It took me almost a year to convince them on the need to have a website , phew 🙄 , in 2003. Well I netted my first N100,000. 

Not many people knew about websites in Benin City, and I was tempted to follow my fellow website designers who were relocating to Lagos and Abuja, almost followed the crowd, but until I read about the story of the two shoe salesmen that were sent to a remote part of Africa to sell shoes, well you know the story, if you don’t click on the link.


Back then in 2003, the Edo State House of Assembly, they did not have a website then, it took me almost 3 years of going there everyday to convince them on the need to have a website  and after it was approved and I was paid to design it, I had to settle a lot of people,  well my people in Nigeria “you know everything 😉 “ That was the Edo State Hoouse of Assembly’s first website,  I designed it and made sure I was collecting monthly fees for updates till well, “politics”, someone came and took over, after I had served them for about three years. Well, I had to move on.  

Well, I had to move on. ➡ 

Since then God has blessed me to have over 60 clients, including the Edo State Government and several notable personalities.

Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank. – Proverbs 22:29

 Lesson: There are always opportunities everywhere, open your eyes to see, learn and always upgrade your skill to be relevant. 

During the course of learning how to design websites, I also delved into several onine businesses which include, internet marketing, selling information products online and MLM businesses. 

You can download my e-book, 17 Ways to Make Big Bucks Online in Nigeria. 


I have also been engaged in some other offline businesses like Cybercafe, Business Centre, Video Gaming Centre and Sports Betting Agent. 

I would be sharing my experiences on the category the Entreprenuer’s Challenge. 

It is said in the Holy Bible, that “my people die for lack of knowledge”, in my bid to teach people how to make money online, I set up the Internet Business Academy and Illumination E-learning Centre. 

You can see the 1 minute jingle for the centre

Illumination E-learning Video

Illumination E-learning

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